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CHIP health insurance (Texas) is part of the federal government program that provides health coverage for children of Texas residents with low income levels and who cannot afford private medical coverage.

As the cost of health insurance coverage continues to rise, the benefits of CHIP coverage has proven to be a miracle for many Texans looking for children health coverage:

Payment for medical expenses. CHIP plans provide health insurance coverage for children age 19 and younger.

Families with incomes of up to 2 times the federal poverty level. To qualify and enrol their children to CHIP, Texas families must have income levels that are no greater than two times the federally set poverty level.

Comprehensive coverage. CHIP health insurance plans in Texas include immunization, preventive care doctor visits, x-rays and lab tests, dental and eye care, mental health, hospital care and other services.

Children with previous private health coverage have a waiting period of 90-days, after enrolment, to be eligible for benefits. If the child lost coverage because a parent lost a job, then this waiting period is waived.

Some features of Texas CHIP

Depending on the family’s income, the premiums for a CHIP health plan may cost $50 a year or less, for qualifying families.

Copayments for services such as doctor visits or prescription drugs are also based on family income. The range for copayments for doctor visits is from $3 to $10 per visit.

Not all physicians and hospitals may be included in all CHIP plans. Make sure to review your Texas CHIP provider directory to see if your present doctor, hospital or clinic is a participant in the program. It’s a great help if the doctor and facility is near in case of a medical emergency.

CHIP coverage is temporary and is effective for a period of 12 months. If you still meet eligibility requirements, you may apply for renewal before the coverage expires.

CHIP and Medicaid

CHIP and Medicaid have similar benefits when it comes to children. The main difference is the family income eligibility requirement. An annual family income of more than $20,000 for a family of four may qualify for CHIP. If the same family has an income of less than $20,000 they may qualify for Medicaid.

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